Below are links to some open source hardware & software released by Phenomics Centre staff. To jump to hardware click here.


Open Source Software:

Below are links to some open source software.


MicroCT Grain Analyser

Software for processing the output of MicroCT scanners.  Detects and characterises the seeds.



Software for our custom built automated Gravimetrics system.


DSLR Plant Imager

An augmentation of our Lemnatec Plant Scanalyzer with Nikon DSLR cameras. A Raspberry Pi and Adafruit PN532 detect a Lemnatec car passing in front of the camera, obtain the car’s ID and trigger taking a photo. The Nikon’s are much higher resolution than the existing cameras and with the use of appropriate filters the cameras can obtain NIR and multi-spectral images.


FLIR Lepton + Raspberry Pi

The FLIR Lepton is a low cost 80×60 pixel thermal sensor. We attached this to a Raspberry Pi and created an interface to control it using a touchscreen. It is used at public engagement events to demonstrate heat dissipation in leaves and to compare against the results of higher resolution thermal cameras.


“Clover Rover” Portable Imaging Rig

A variant on the DSLR Plant Imager, this system is designed to photograph plants that are grown outside the automated systems. It presents an easy to use graphical interface for controlling the camera and loads plant names from a spreadsheet.


OpenCV Auto White Balancer

An simple function to automatically adjust the white balance of an image, optimised for plant images.


Wireless temperature and light logger

A moteino based logger for up to five DS1820 temperature sensors and a photodiode light level sensor.



Open Source Hardware:

Below are links to some open source hardware designs released by Phenomics Centre staff.


Small Plant photography cube

Custom built rig for manualy imaging small plants.