Medium to large dynamic phenotyping platform.

A non-destructive analysis of different crops or model plants under high-throughput conditions. Plants are imaged in multiple runs throughout their entire life cycle. The result is a number of reproducible and significant data points on any aspect of plant development.

Small dynamic phenotyping platform.

The high-throughput plant screening system (PlantScreen™) allows the user to monitor numerous aspects of plant growth, development and response to biotic and abiotic stresses. Our system can hold 2000 plants and takes RGB and chlorophyll fluorescence imaging.

Aerial Image Acquisition

A unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) applied to agricultural research is a useful tool to help increase crop production and monitor crop growth. Sensors and digital imaging capabilities can give us a richer picture of our fields / crop this information can prove useful in improving crop yields and efficiency and monitoring breading populations.

Mobile Imaging

We have developed a number of mobile imaging rigs designed to be robust and portable.

µCT Scanner 100

Designed for handling large samples, µCT 100 offers a very wide field of view while maintaining high imaging resolution. The optional sample changer accommodates up to 12 sample holders. Variable filter and X-ray power settings greatly increase the range of materials that can be scanned. It can be used on wide variety of plant and tissue types.

Controlled Environment Agriculture Research Group

Instrumented hydroponics and vertical farming

Root Phenotyping

Open Source Hardware & Software

Hardware / rigs we have designed and built and software or written scripts