The IBERS CEA group was established in October 2019 and builds on our diverse skills in this field. We work closely with academic and industrial partners and focus on the following areas: 

•       ‘Pop up’, low and integrated carbon growth systems.

•       Breeding crops for the indoor environment

•       Manipulating plant growth and development using light.

•       Elevated CO2 research.

•       Controlling the quality of crops indoors via ‘stress tools’; manipulating leaf/fruit chemistry.

•       Assessing plant chemical and nutritional quality

Controlled Environment Agriculture Research Group Members:

Dr. Dylan Gwynn-JonesGroup Leader with interests in plants stressor biology and the development of low carbon indoor crop production systems embracing the principles of the circular economy.
Professor John DoonanDirector of the National Phenomics Centre see:
Dr. Paul RobsonPhotobiologist focussed on how light manipulation can be used to enhance crop growth and quality in indoor systems.
Professor Alison Kingston SmithPlant biochemist with expertise on photosynthesis (carbon metabolism/carbohydrates), antioxidant systems and plant stress responses culminating in cell death.

Additional Expertise

Professor John DraperHead of the High Resolution Metabolomics Laboratory at IBERS and Leader on Enabling Technologies within IBERS including core facilities for Metabolomics, Next Generation Sequencing, Plant Phenomics and Bioinformatics.
Professor Leif SkottLeader of Plant breeding at Aberystwyth involved in commercial forage, legume and public good plant breeding programmes.
Dr. David LloydLegume plant breeder focused on improvements and genomics of legumes including novel undomesticated legumes.
Dr. Ana WintersPlant Biochemist with expertise on Plant Secondary metabolism and antioxidants.
Dr. Dave WhitworthMicrobiologist with interest in role of microbial communities in hydroponic systems.
Dr. John ScullionSoil biologist and application of this expertise to optimize indoor plant growth in hydroponics.
Dr. Roger SanterEntomologist with interests on how light can be used to attract pollinators and deter pests indoors


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