Phenospex: Plant Eye

PlantEye is a high-resolution 3D Laser Scanner specially designed for plant phenotyping in challenging environments. PlantEye follows the sensor-to-plant concept, allowing you to make assessments of plants growing in fields or in any other setting where plants cannot be moved. PlantEye is also fully sunlight resistant and temperature controlled and is fully operational in harsh and hot environments.

PlantEye automatically computes a diverse set of morphological plant parameters and provides raw information as 3D point clouds. It’s effective not only on dedicated sensor-to-plant platforms, where it’s able to screen thousands of plants per hour, but also on existing conveyor based phenotyping platforms, where it can easily be retrofit for use.


Lemna 3D

Lemnatec system offers this as part of our medium to large dynamic phenotyping platform.



The R29 offers the highest resolution with large, low noise pixels. It is the right choice if you need the highest quality output at high effective resolution 29 megapixel, 6576 x 4384 pixels. This camera is also the standard choice for PIV customers.